Top 7 Reasons Why You Should Get Laptops on Rent

Top 7 Reasons Why You Should Get Laptops on Rent

As an entrepreneur, you must always look for deals that are profitable and we bet renting laptops is one such amazing deal for you!

No, we aren’t asking you to not buy your favourite laptop you have been saving money for but, instead we are telling you why renting your favorite laptop is a better deal. At the initial stage of your company or your freelance career, making a thoughtful decision is a must. So, we thought why not we help you understand why laptop rentals are a boon for you.

Easy on pocket

Renting a laptop of your choice can sometimes be tough as you may be aiming for a high-end laptop and that can be out of your budget. So, instead of settling for less, rent the same laptop and keep it for as long as you want by paying monthly installments. Be it for yourself or the employees of your company, you can always opt for the best without burning a hole in your pocket.

Update to latest launch

Often you buy a gadget and within a few days a new model or an updated version is launched in the market and then either you curse yourself for being impatient or the brand for and with laptops it is especially heartbreaking as you save and spend a lump sum amount on it. Renting a laptop eliminates that regret or disappointment from your life as you can upgrade to the newly launched anytime. Hence, work hassle-free with help of the latest technology, be it Mac or Windows.

Spend money on other areas of business

The money you save from renting the laptop, you can invest in the growth of your business by spending money on the marketing and advertising. This will give your company more visibility and you can provide your employees with the best and latest technology whenever you see the need for the growth of the company. The more you are in sync with the technology, the better the solutions you come up with.

Save yourself from maintenance/repair cost

Buying a laptop means, it is all your responsibility. It is okay if you are an established company with a great amount of turnover but if you are just a few years into the business or have just started off, you must consider that you do not only spend money on buying laptops but also in maintaining them. With laptop rentals, you can completely avoid that and rely on your rental service as servicing is always their responsibility. Pay the installments on time and you are in for a stress-free maintenance of your laptops.

No waiting time

No, we aren’t talking about the period between announcement and launch of a product but from decision making to purchasing of the product. If you plan to buy a high-end laptop, you save for about a year and if not for six months or you take on credit.By the time you plan to buy, a new model is launched in the market maybe for a much higher price. But with laptop rentals, you don’t have to wait that long as the monthly rental is very nominal compared to the EMI you will be paying or you will be saving every month to own the laptop. You can place an order and the laptop is at your doorstep on your desired date.

Configure as per your requirement

Irrespective of what configuration and quantity of laptops you need, a rental is always able to do it for you. While planning to purchase in bulk, it sometimes is not possible. Besides, you can always ask for an upgrade in the customisation depending on the requirement and workflow. From a gaming laptop to Macbook and basic Windows, you can place an order for anything and you will get it.

Avoid theft

Be it data or physical theft, the laptops facilitate preconfigured security settings preferred by the client so it is safe from data breach. Also when purchased laptops are stolen, you may incur a huge loss as laptops with the latest technology are expensive. Whereas, rental laptops come with insurance so the organisation doesn’t have to bear the loss.

If you are a startup, laptop rentals are the best option for you until your business crosses all the initial hurdles. Though there are many advantages, everything boils down to one fact that it is an economical choice.

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