Which Is A Better Financial Decision – Renting or Buying?

When it comes to getting a new product – all of us are somewhere skeptical. One wants the latest technology and the best design when it comes to products. In the hustle to have the best, one spends months zeroing down, first the product and then planning the budget. But in a time where the needs are endless and the means are somewhat limited, one often falls short of the budget. The growing use of credit cards and EMIs though have given a bit of respite to buyers.

There Are Other Factors Also That Play A Significant Role in One’s Decision To Buy Something:

 a) The Interest on EMI

b) The Need for the latest technology

c) Choosing the Right Brand

d) Longevity of the Product. 

This is where the tough part begins: keeping all these factors into consideration and then making a decision one wouldn’t regret. While having a title of an asset has its set of advantages, a major disadvantage lies for those who are tech-savvy or those who want to be a part of the bandwagon. It is human behavior to get bored of using the same product.

Also, is there someone who doesn’t yearn for the latest model and technology?

Have you ever thought how much easier life would be had we not had to buy all these expensive products? Well, you’re right. In a world where one can rent, why buy. Renting gives you the option of using the latest pattern when they come.  So if you’re like us, you have come to the right place.

Here Are The 5 Reasons Why Renting Is So Much Better Than Buying and Is The Right Thing To Do Right Now.

  1. Cost-effective – One of the major costs that we never realize is not the cost of buying the product but the cost of maintaining it. A huge sum goes in servicing so as to increase the life of the product. When you rent you never have to worry about the maintenance cost on a long-term basis. Well, one has to agree that it burns a hole in the pocket. We as an organization realize that and this is where you can avail most out of renting our product. We only charge a minimum repair amount and guarantee a better product with zero hassle.
  2. Benefits for startup – With renting you save all the liquid funds for day-to-day activities and other exigency purposes. In the case of startups, it is the best way to save money. Rather than spending money on getting laptops for the entire team, it is always better to rent and save up that cost for research and development.
  1. Easy Up-gradation – It is easy to upgrade the model that one is using in case of renting. There’s no concept of waiting for years for your next buy and again going through the process of choosing, selecting, and saving. Technology is galloping and so are our choices, so why wait when you can have your best foot forward and satisfy your love for tech.
  2. Regret Free Decision – You don’t want to regret long-term for a product you could have bought but you didn’t. Well, the pain is real then and we don’t want you to go through that. Renting is the safest option for a regret-free decision. You always have the option to change the product whenever you want and get a better one.
  1. Easy and Time saving – When you choose us you’ll realize how easy the process of renting is. You save your time, effort and money. You don’t have to keep thinking about your EMIs and your increasing credit card bills. Living worry free is easy so why not have things that way.

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