Why Coworking is better than leasing a traditional office

If you are reading this, it means you have been pondering over the question whether you should opt for a coworking space or not. At first, both might sound similar but the difference is huge. Especially, for startups and mid-level companies with limited strength, coworking spaces come with the best offerings.Wondering how? Let us tell you about this.

Tenure Flexibility

When you lease a traditional office, you commit to the space for a certain period. Be it WiFi, phone line, reception, postal service and utility, you have access to everything as part of the facility which otherwise in a traditional office you have to take care of. When you opt for a coworking space, a flexible lease option allows you to extend or terminate your tenure as well as expand or minimize the space you are using. Along with providing businesses with cost-effectiveness and stability, it proves to be a tailor-made solution for all the evolving businesses who are focusing on saving money for further expansion of business.

Ready to move in

One of the best parts of a coworking space is that you and your team do not have to put your brains into setting up the space. When you choose a space, you are majorly convinced about what they are offering keeping what’s best for your team in mind. From a printer to coffee machine and canteen, everything is functioning for you. All you need to do is to come to the office with your laptop and maybe a lunchbox if you are fond of only home cooked meals.

Networking game stronger

Just like you, there are other companies that are functioning out of coworking space and it is the best place to meet like-minded people who can eventually be a collaborator with you. If not that, you will be exposed to people coming from diverse backgrounds. The positive part is, everyone in coworking spaces are open to communication and networking as that’s the best possible way of growth.


You pay for the space you use and nothing more than that. You do not have to spend money on furniture, office staff and other extra factors that can save a lot for you to take the business forward and pay the key team members. Apart from the infrastructure, many startups of three-four members work out of a cafe which obviously tempts them to or obligates them to order coffee or food and in most cafes WiFi is also very slow as everyone is using it. Not all the cafes have a high speed internet plan. At coworking spaces, you get coffee, WiFi and the space for a pre-decided rate so that you keep track of your expenses and don’t splurge unnecessarily.

You get your vibe

Who doesn’t want a cozy office with plants, books and colourful furniture around, everyone right? Coworking spaces have got all of that right. You need to pick the right coworking space for yourself and rest follows. From minimal to boho, these days coworking spaces are very thematic to cater with the young entrepreneurs and professionals who do not just believe in work but work with some great ambience around. There cannot be better reasons for you to pick a coworking space over a traditional office. You have got all the pros and no cons.

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