Why Renting a Laptop is Preferred for Startups instead of Buying One?

Why Renting A Laptop Is Preferred For Startups Instead Of Buying One?
Let’s not beat around the bush. All we say is renting a laptop is a smarter choice for you instead of buying one especially when you want to spend money cautiously at the beginning of the entrepreneurial journey. Oh! Were we too direct? Let us explain to you how we are making sense here and why it is a right choice to rent laptops for your business.


It should be the primary business objective startups should be focusing on. In the beginning, the investment is possibly more than what you can afford so always looking for ways to cut down on expenses is a must and gadgets come on top of the list. In a startup, different employees working in different roles have different configuration requirements and most are high-end. If you go shopping for laptops for each employee, you might end up burning a big hole in your pocket. Instead, rent it and when you do not want to keep, return it. You pay for as long as you use while buying doesn’t come with that luxury.

Client requirement

It is not always that you get a project that has a unique requirement and you need a laptop with certain configuration. When that happens, you cannot get up and go buy a laptop. That will not only be out of the budget for one particular budget but also a waste of an asset. You may or maynot need those facilities for your next client. So, rent for the required tenure and return. You can always reorder.


When a laptop crosses its warranty period, you have to shell money from your pocket. But with rental laptops, you eradicate that trouble as long as you keep the laptop. All the rental services in their agreement have some specifics and servicing is always mentioned free. It is mostly because they do not want to risk their product going into the hands of a technician outside of the company as theft of parts and replacing with the first copy or duplicate ones are a major concern these days.

Based on the need

Not always the strength remains the same. You might hire or cut down on the team strength depending on the company’s business. In that scenario, rental laptops are a oon. You can easily rent when recruiting someone or terminate the tenure incase of layoffs. When you buy a laptop, you either pay EMIs or you have already transferred the full amount from your bank. If you hadn’t invested in gadgets, you might have saved money to pay your employees on time and invest in other aspects of business, like marketing, branding, etc…

Also, as a startup you are still in the testing phase. You never know which configuration is more useful and which is more than required. When you identify this, you can replace the laptop and sometimes it might help you save some extra money.

In-line with technology

If not everyday, you hear the launch of a new laptop by one of your brands every week. Technology is ever evolving and you can’t do anything but regret after your every purchase as there is a much better innovation happening every time. If your business requires you to be in touch with the latest technology and your employees to work and learn it, go rent your desired laptop and when needed upgrade it by replacing it with the recent launch.

So the next time you are confused between buying and renting a laptop, sit with a pen and paper and list down all the pros and cons. We bet, renting will weigh heavier, not on pockets but on savings.

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